Grey Strength & Conditioning

Grey Strength & Conditioning is a fitness facility intended to provide you state of the art, individualized fitness programming, coaching and advice to help you work towards your health goals. We offer an exercise environment that has both fitness and social benefits. You can work on your individualized program to achieve your fitness goals in an environment that is supportive of your improvement and includes other people who are looking to achieve improved health just like you.

Our personal instruction and coaching will provide you with specific work on balance, strengthening, toning, and fitness with a variety of skill levels available. Our facility and trainers work with diverse age groups ranging from young children and athletes to senior citizens, all working towards their own fitness goals.

We make appointments that are flexible for you, yet we can still ensure you have the individualized attention that you deserve every time you visit the center. Our goal is to give you the proven advantage of our close supervision, so that you can make the most of your workout sessions and achieve reasonable gains. We offer nutritional guidance, body fat analysis, physical therapist consultation, and a wide variety of resources. Most importantly we offer our enthusiasm to create your 'Body Made Better by Grey...A Tradition of Caring Since 1984'.

Specialized Training Programs

  • Hip & Knee Connect (for those contemplating hip or knee surgery as well as those that want to avoid total hip or knee replacement surgery)
  • CPAT Training (fitness and endurance training for fire fighters)
  • Get the Pointe (for pointe ballet dancers)
  • The Complete Dancer (for all types of dancers)
  • Striders Club (increases endurance for activities of daily living, prepare for 5K, 10K or any sport
  • Better Health Rx (Medically Oriented Gym)