About Grey Physical Therapy

Grey Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center is a privately owned, physical therapy practice that was founded in 1984 by Peg Grey, PT, DPT, MA, OCS, ATC on the premise of being committed to unsurpassed excellence. That dedication to optimal quality care and extraordinary service to patients and the community has been the focus of Grey Physical Therapy over the last 28+ years.

In 1998, Personalized Conditioning by Grey was added to our core services as we saw a fundamental need for developing the overall well being of the community and proactively enhancing quality of life. In this area of the facility, we provide personalized strength training and overall conditioning services to help you feel your best with an absolute focus on achievement of your goals.

As we dedicate ourselves to this comprehensive philosophy of optimal customer service, our company values become readily apparent. They are:

  • Utmost Integrity
  • Highest Expertness
  • Cutting-Edge Innovation
  • High Level of Professionalism
  • Enjoyment in Providing Our Services

We strive to always produce amazing customer service in a relaxed, yet motivating environment. Click the headings below for more information:

Our Mission Statement encompasses what we do:
The very best outcomes for every person, every time!
While our Vision Statement conveys where we are going:
By 2018, Grey PT & Personalized Conditioning by Grey will be the regional Center of Excellence for innovative rehabilitation and fitness services. Using unparalleled leadership focusing on learning, teaching, research, outcomes, evidence-based practice, and patient/client focused care, we will be the premiere physical therapy and personalized fitness provider helping thousands of individuals each year attain quality of life and physical well-being.
Grey Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center provides numerous services including:
  • Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Training
  • Wellness/Fitness Assessments
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Physical Therapy Treatment With Experienced Professionals
  • A Variety of Balance and Strengthening Classes For All Levels
What is Physical Therapy and how can it help me?

Physical therapists can help improve or restore the mobility you need to gradually return to your normal activities and maximize your function. If you are looking for a possible alternative to surgery and/or pain medication, consider a physical therapist evaluation. A physical therapist will design a program specific to your problems and complaints to alleviate pain, improve function and/or build muscle strength and endurance. Physical Therapy techniques may include:

  • Manual therapy/mobilization to improve or restore range of motion and/or decrease pain.
  • Specific manual therapy techniques to optimize function.
  • Active muscle techniques to improve alignment.
  • Posture education to reduce stress on joints.
  • Exercise to strengthen muscles or improve their function.
  • Stretching to lengthen shortened tissues.
  • Balance activities to improve upright posturing.
  • Gait training to improve walking abilities.
  • Instruction in exercises to perform at home.
  • Lifting or movement mechanics instruction.
  • Aquatic exercises to decrease swelling and pain and improve function.
  • Balance retraining techniques.
  • Heat, icing, ultrasound or electrical stimulation to promote healing and decrease pain.
  • Education regarding your specific condition and ways to prevent it from returning.
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling to alleviate pain and restore muscle function between active muscle techniques and posture education.
What to Expect from a Physical Therapy Visit

You should expect a comprehensive evaluation (that takes about an hour) that culminates in an explanation of your problem(s) and how they will be resolved. Physical Therapy treatment is very much 'hands-on' care that is customized to your needs. See our "Services" tab for a listing of frequently seen conditions that can be helped by Physical Therapy.

The Bottom Line

We combine a strong scientific background, evidence-based practice, and a progressive outlook to offer the most advanced, reliable, and effective evaluations and treatments available. All of these qualities have resulted in steady growth of Grey Physical Therapy over the past twenty eight years. Our patients consistently return to us when other problems come up and time after time refer their friends and families. See our "Testimonials" tab for just a few examples of what people have to say about us.

Our client satisfaction surveys consistently rate us as excellent in all areas.

  • 100% of our patients rated their satisfaction with treatment as excellent or very good.
  • 100% stated that the likelihood that they would recommend their friends and family to our clinic was excellent or very good.
  • 94% of our patients rated their satisfaction with treatment as excellent.
  • 92% stated that the likelihood that they would recommend their friends and family to our clinic was excellent.