To Peg Grey,

We would like you to note how much we are enjoying Lisa Herbert and the guidance she provides with our personalized conditioning. She is extremely pleasant and her obvious passion for athletic training is reflected in the care and attention given to clients. She always appears calm, never flustered. Her patience is unremarkable.

Lisa manages to encourage us to complete the tasks at hand, without undue pressure. Typically, Norman and I feel we have accomplished a lot after each session, and are happy to attend the sessions.

We feel that Lisa Herbert is a solid choice for Grey Physical Therapy.

Ann and Norman Gray

Dear Peg,

Thanks so much for the highest level of care you provided for me following my spinal fusion. I believe you conducted over 25 rehabilitation sessions with me and every one of them I felt I received highly personalized individual attention. You constantly went the extra mile for me in seeking solutions to my many strange symptoms and sensations. I thank you for contacting my various doctors adding your insights into their appraisals of my health situation.

I also wanted to mention the positive environment of your rehabilitation facility. From your office staff to your therapists, everyone was working to give all your patients a great experience and to move them ahead in the rehabilitation of their health issues. I have recommended your facility in the past and will gladly do so in the future. Again many thanks.

The staff was absolutely awesome.Was impressed with the support they gave the patient and each other. They didn't "robot" through exercises or patients. They educated me on proper ways to avoid further injury and why things worked as they did. I left with the feeling I wasn't being just taken care of but also being cared for. The staff you have now sets the standard all other therapy centers should be judged by. It was my pleasure to be a patient of Grey's. Thank you all!

Marc V.

I wanted to thank you all for everything you did for me while I was there. You are a great team that works well together. I didn't always like what you had me doing, but you always made it fun to be there. I appreciate your personalities and your dedication. It was easy to see and feel you truly care about your patients. In this day and age that is a rare thing!

Dave G.

You are the greatest! Thank you for all the time you spent with me. I appreciate you providing me with a comprehensive explanation of what was happening with my knee, especially when my doctors were not that forth coming with information. You and your team provide a great service, and you made me feel important! Keep up the good work!


I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your staff did in my rehab program as a result of rotator cuff surgery in March. Your staff acted very professional and was very instrumental in my recovery.

In the past, you and your staff have done a great job with my knees and back in order to get me ready to play at Pebble Beach; however, this time it was for an extended period of 4 months for my rehab. Many thanks!

A special thanks goes to Becky, who was in charge of my rehab. I know I was not always the best patient and at times my mood was not always that positive. You kept me on track and encouraged me on my goal of being able to play golf the first week of August. It worked, and I played my first round on August 4th and shot an 86! I had no pain in my shoulder and the guys I played with could not believe how well I played.

Hats off to Brian and Kim for you kept me going through the process. You both were were very professional and would always give the best 'exercise' at the end--the ICE!

Thanks also to Chris and Jill for setting up my appointments and not complaining when I showed up early or at the wrong time.

This was a GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thanks again!

Jim L.