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Power Drive
This 6-week program is a golf fitness program designed to work on your strength and flexibility to improve swing velocity and mechanics for a more consistent swing. It also focuses on improving endurance and strength to decrease fatigue and prevent common golf injuries. Our NASM Certified Golf Fitness Specialist (GFS) will work with you on the latest training methods to help you finesse your game and improve your handicap.

Hip & Knee Connect
This program is a strengthening program designed for those with arthritis in the hips and knees. This program will help strengthen the muscles in your legs to support your joints better, improve your flexibility to decrease stress on surrounding joints, and improve your balance. It has proven to help improve strength before arthroscopic or total joint replacement surgery to assist with a faster recovery.

Get the Pointe
This program is a strengthening and toning program designed for ballet dancers, especially interested pointe. The program will use a variety of strength and balance based activities to improve core, upper, and lower body strength to help improve your jumps, turnout, balance, control, strength, and stability, and help prevent injuries.

The Complete Dancer
Your body is your tool for dance. In order to perform to your best ability you need to keep your body healthy and strong. This strengthening program, designed for dancers of all styles, will allow you to be able to use your body to its maximum capacity, without causing injury. It isn’t enough to just show up and take class; you have to take extra steps such as strengthening, core stabilization, power, balance and flexibility training. We believe that dancers are among the most complex athletes on the planet, requiring a variety of abilities-and we work to provide you that array of skills to give you and additional competitive edge.